AERN Summit Award


The African Educational Research Network (AERN) recognizes and supports its members who wish to attend and actively participate in our summit activities, as well as contribute to AERN effort in the dissemination of scholarship on Africa and the African diaspora. As such, we are pleased to provide awards totaling up to $300 per qualified individual applicant. To be consider for the scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Complete the AERN Summit Award Application
  • Be a current AERN
  • And submit:
    • CV/ Résumé (updated, and no more than 3 pages)
    • A Statement of Personal and Professional Goals (please answer the following in 3-5 paragraphs, double spaced:

In what ways do you believe summit attendance (including your presentation, if applicable) might help advance your personal and professional goals, as well as the mission/vision of The African Educational Research Network?

  • Proof of your current membership status (e.g., scanned copy of receipt of payment of your membership dues)
  • A Copy of Your Abstract
  • A Copy of Your Acceptance letter