AERN Research Fellowship

AERN – Africa-focused Research Fellowship (ARF)

About the ARF
The purpose of AERN is to disseminate information and scholarship on Africa. A fellowship that directly supports quality research studies on the continent of Africa or an African country is one of the most effective strategies to further that purpose. AERN members will submit proposals to be awarded the AERN-Africa focused Research Fellowship (AERN-ARF). Recipient/s of the award will conduct research during a period of 2 years, to present at the next biennial conference.

The purpose of the Africa-focused Research Fellowship (ARF) is to contribute to enhance research on Africa and the development of emerging African researchers/scholars with leadership potential to address important challenges for development and sustainability in the African continent.

Award Amount (Up to $3,000.00)
• Research expenses: $1,000.00
• Travel: Up to $1, 500.00
• Accommodation and conference registration: Up to $500.00

Eligibility and Conditions
• Being an AERN member in good standing
• Submission of a proposal
• Proposal focused on Africa or an African country
• IRB or equivalent authorization was secured
• Peer reviewed proposals
• Expense reimbursement only

Funding Sources
The funding for the ARF depends on:
• Membership dues
• Donations
• Income from summit/conference
• Endowment
• Income from sponsorship

Please, feel free to make a contribution to support the ARF. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Please, make check payable to:
African Educational Research Network (AERN)/ARF, C/O Dr. Connie Patterson.- The Patton College of Education.- Ohio University, McCracken Hall 102F, Athens, OH 45701.

How to apply!
Information about the application process will be announced!